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When it comes to California vacations, we often think of nothing more than sunny Los Angeles. Yes, Los Angeles is a great place to visit, but how would you like to explore a well-kept secret? That well-kept secret is just off the coast of California and it is known as Santa Catalina Island. There is so much to do and see, including scuba diving Catalina.Here are the Top 3 things you can enjoy on Catalina Island:1 – Scuba Diving off Catalina IslandCatalina is often referred to as a scuba diver’s paradise. Why is this? It is home to some great diving locations, including the Avalon Underwater Park. For many weekend warriors, it is just easier to head to a more accessible location than a far off destination. This means three important things to you: no damage has been done to natural resources, prices are affordable, and dives are less crowded. What you will find is beautiful beaches, pristine kelp forests, and pleura of marine life.2 – Glass Bottom Boat ToursI recommend scuba diving at Catalina, but I know not all of us have an adventurous side. If you are one of those individuals, your next best option is a glass bottom boat tour. With clean and clear waters, you might be surprised how far you can see down. While the excitement is not as a great as it is with scuba diving, it is more than satisfying.3 – The Catalina CasinoNow you might gather from the name that the Catalina casino is a gambling establishment. This is a common mistake. The establishment’s name was derived from the Italian definition of casino, which means a social gathering place. The Casino alone is a great vacation destination and activity due to its beautiful architecture. Inside, you will find a number of must-visits including the theater and the Santa Catalina Museum.Visiting the Catalina Casino, taking a glass bottom boat tour, and scuba diving Catalina Island are just three of your endless choices. Honestly, it does not matter what time of the year you visit Santa Catalina Island or the reason for that visit; you will have plenty of things to do and see.  

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Marketing of Your Livestock – The Eight Ways to Effective Promotion | Livestock

The Washington Simmental Association held a field day in May, 2011. Mr. Carlos Guerra of La Muneca Cattle Co. in Texas was our featured speaker. The lesson I took home from his presentation was that if we want to sell our cattle, we must actively promote them and keep promoting them. My favorite quote from Mr. Guerra was:No See, No Tell, No Sell!This got me thinking about effective marketing practices. A rancher can produce the best livestock on the planet, but it does little good if no one knows they exist! Promotion means getting them seen. This can be accomplished several ways. For marketing of your livestock — the eight ways to effective promotion are listed below:1) Exhibit your livestock through the show circuit. Either show your own animals or sell to juniors who are active in the show ring. If you want to attract young showmen, actively support junior activities through prizes, support money, or event sponsorship.2) Hold a field day or other event on your place and have your livestock on display. This requires the host to clean things up, prep the cattle, and provide excellent hospitality. Don’t make the event all about your operation. Provide an educational speaker and other activities to entice people to attend.3) Display your livestock at outside activities such as breed sales or other field events. Again, the cattle must be prepped – clipped, worked with, and in good condition.4) If you have some expertise, become a speaker or judge. Not only do the livestock have to be seen, but so do you!5) If you don’t want to speak to the public, write for a newsletter, magazine, or blog. Be sure to include your contact information and/or a link to your website.6) Be active in your state breed association and other related groups. This will keep you up to date in the industry and promote your operation indirectly. It benefits the organization as well. An organization is only as good as its best members.7) Network and build relationships. People aren’t just buying cattle. They are buying your program and you. I am much more likely to buy from someone I know, admire, and trust than from a stranger. I am also more likely to recommend them to others.8) Develop an internet presence. In this day and age, if someone wants to find you or check you out, they go to the internet. An eye-catching, user-friendly, and search engine optimized website will make a world of difference in your visibility and sales. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own, find some help.Marketing doesn’t happen unless you actively engage in the process and keep doing it. It also doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time, energy, resources, and commitment. Develop a marketing plan. Work with your family and employees to brainstorm ways to promote your cattle program. For marketing of your livestock — the eight ways to effective promotion can help you reap bountiful rewards.

Why a Job in Fashion? | Fashion

Why look at the fashion industry and the fashion world these days? Well there is a good reason to look at fashion especially if you plan on getting a job in the fashion industry. There are different types of jobs in the fashion industry. If you decide to be a designer you have to be up on the latest trends of celebrities and political people alike. You also have to know your clients and what they want and most of them want to be fashionable and be presentable when they go to a job or when they go to a photo shoot.You can get a job as a photographer in the fashion world and be happy in it but you still need to know what is fashionable in the time you are in and what is considered not to be fashionable. You can be an editor in a fashion magazine and be able to research fashion trends through out the United States and through out the world or you can be a fashion assistant where you go and do things for the photographer, editor or designer. The fashion world has all kinds of opportunities available for jobs if that is an area you are interested in.A retail store has to be up on the latest trends in order for them to sell clothes. If they were not then they would not be able to sell the line of clothing. Many places carry a line of clothing and fashion from a certain celebrity. For example some stores like Wall-mart and K-mart and other superstores carry brands like Martha Stewart, Miley Cyrus or Just My Size and those are just some of the brands they carry.Mom and pop shops in New York and other cities start trends as well because they have made a name for them selves with celebrities. Macy’s is another place that carries a lot of fashionable and celebrity fashions as well. In fact Macy’s is known not only for their Thanksgiving Day Parade, but they are known for making a bold statement in the fashion industry when it comes to showing off their clothing and other accessories.The fashion world is full of surprises and you can do all kinds of modelling for fashion. Modelling is definitely another job in the fashion industry and includes people like Tyra Banks who does Victoria Secret swim wear and lingerie. She has also went gone from just walking the run way to hosting her own reality show in modelling and fashion to allow girls the opportunity to see if they have what it takes to be a model in the fashion industry these days. She also has had her own day time talk show and talks with women about issues that face not only black women in the fashion industry but women in all different industries. She discusses the troubles women face in society today and talks about fashion and modelling as a way of getting out of those struggles. She also talks about it as a way of getting into acting and into theatre as well.Fashion is considered to be here one minute and gone the next. Trends tend to come and go from one century and follow another trend from another century down the road. Every time you look back at past fashion the designers put there own twist to it and make it there own. This is why the fashion industry changes so much and why the jobs available in it would be guaranteed to brighten your day.